Caileigh. 26. Pretty much the most important thing to know about me/my blog is that Joan Crawford h8rz need not apply. If you want to know more about me and what I like obsess over, browse my blog a bit or feel free to ask! :) [About Me.]

"I am the horseless headsman."


Hey yo, I seem to have gained a couple of followers even though I’ve switched blogs.

Please, if you care to follow me on my ACTIVE blog, go here:

Just so everyone knows. :)

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Wow. Considering the amount of followers I have and how few of you have actually followed my new blog (as much as I’ve babbled on about it), maybe it’s good that I’m starting over. 

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Okay, so apparently the vast majority of you don’t give a shit, but I am moving blogs TODAY.

I’m over at joaniedearest now in case any more of you care to find me over there (haha).

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Alrighty, last call!

I WILL be moving over to joaniedearest tomorrow, or the next day at the absolute latest.

If you’d like to keep following me over there, please do. Otherwise, au revoir! It’s been real. :)

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JOURNEY + Mother, Father


fuck nudes, send me clothes i need new clothes

Oh Ichy baby, no, you are SO not in control.

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i wish i was 1/27346736481 as pretty as joan crawford

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